You’ll Love These 3 Fun Things to Do in Niantic, CT

Eating seafood is one of the things to do in Niantic CTConnecticut is a fantastic vacation destination, particularly for those who love the sand and the sea!  This state is home to many waterfront towns, including the charming Niantic, which offers abundant outdoor recreation and incredible dining.  Discover some of the many things to do in Niantic, CT, to start planning your New England getaway today!

Three of the Best Things to Do in Niantic, CT

  1. Bask on the Beach

With its convenient location right on the seashore, this pretty town is the ideal place to enjoy a little swimming and sunbathing, so be sure to take advantage of the Niantic, CT, beaches while you’re visiting here!  McCook Point Beach is a great spot to spend some time in the great outdoors, enjoying the soft white sand and the sound of the crashing blue waves. This beach also has an adjoining park with shaded, grassy areas, perfect for picnics or lawn games, and the popular Niantic, CT, boardwalk, where many love to take a stroll.  Hole-in-the-Wall Beach is another fantastic spot close by; it has plenty of space for spreading out your towels and umbrellas.  

  1. Go Fishing

The waters surrounding this town are brimming with fish, which is why fishing is one of the best things to do in Niantic, CT.  Black Hawk Charters offers a variety of different fishing trips, led by experienced captains, that guarantee you will return with the biggest catch of your life!  They also offer seal watches and sunset cruises.  You can also try open boat bottom fishing with Tartan II Fishing Charters; they provide the bait, rod, and tackle, so all you need to do is cast your line and wait for a bite!  The lovely Niantic, CT, weather sets the perfect scene for a day out on the water.  

  1. Enjoy Delicious Dining

No getaway is complete without an amazing meal!  Treat yourself to the freshest seafood ever by visiting Skippers Seafood, where you can have the best fish and chips you’ve ever tasted, along with a variety of other dishes.  For those with a more exotic palate, head to the Black Sheep, an Irish pub that specializes in fine Irish cuisine in stylish, cozy environment.  They even host live music nights for those seeking entertainment in Niantic, CT!  Cafe Sol is another beloved spot; their menu features seasonal, organic ingredients for a healthy eating experience.  They are best known for their mouthwatering brunch specials and sweet baked goods.  

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