Why You Should Visit the Charles W Morgan In Mystic

charles w morgan

If you love exploring history with hands-on activities and unique exhibits, then you have to visit Mystic Seaport! Known as the country’s oldest maritime museum, this enormous attraction draws countless visitors every year with its fascinating features. And, one of the most intriguing exhibits here is the Charles W Morgan, America’s oldest commercial ship that is still afloat today. This magnificent ship set sail for over 200 years and iss a National Historic Landmark. Take a look at this captivating piece of history and start making plans to see the Charles W Morgan today.

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All About the Charles W Morgan

Charles W Morgan History

This colossal whaling ship embarked on her first journey back in 1841. For over 80 years, the Charles W Morgan navigated 37 different voyages and encountered all kinds of threats and hazards, including dangerous storms, unfriendly natives, and even Arctic ice. This hardworking ship finally retired from her whaling trips in the early 1920s and was put on display in Dartmouth for approximately 20 years before it was transferred to Mystic Seaport. This ship is the perfect way to learn about our country’s maritime history firsthand.

Charles W Morgan Restoration

After Mystic Seaport adopted the Charles W Morgan, it soon became clear that this ship would not last forever. Steps for renovation and preservation began in 1968. You can see a photographic journey of this long and toilsome process on the Morgan Shipwright’s Blog. In 2013, the new and improved Charles W Morgan set out on her 38th voyage to visit other New England seaports. She returned about a year later and now lives at the Mystic Seaport again to entertain and educate visitors.

Tour the Charles W Morgan

Climb aboard the Charles W Morgan to experience its legacy firsthand. Walk around to learn how this ship was such a successful whaling vessel. You can do so much more than just look around, however; you can take a cruise around the Mystic River to see the ship in action! Better yet, you can actually help steer a ship! Hop on the Joseph Conrad training vessel from the 1800s for an interactive, hands-on sailing experience. These activities are just a taste of all that’s waiting for you at the Mystic Seaport.  

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