4 Exciting Things to Do in Olde Mistick Village

Olde Mistick Village

Tucked in a corner of Mystic, CT, near Interstate 95 is a wonderful little village ready to take you back in time. A replica meant to evoke the spirit of the Colonial era, Olde Mistick Village may only be a little over 40 years old, but it can easily make you feel as though you’ve been transported to early New England. With a meticulous attention to detail meant to give visitors an authentic historical experience, the village delivers on modern amenities in an 18th-century setting with shopping, dining, and entertainment at your fingertips. Perhaps you’ve been wondering what there is to do in Olde Mystick Village. The answer? Plenty.

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Things to Do in Olde Mistick Village


Whether indulging for yourself or shopping for someone else, chances are there’s a retailer at Olde Mistick Village that can help. Maybe you’re in the market for some gourmet kitchen items, in which case The Gray Goose Cookery has what you need. Or, Sunglass Paradise could be your destination if you happen to want or need a new pair of shades. As wide and varied as cooking gear and sunglasses are, imagine all the choices in between.


A day of shopping can easily cause you to work up an appetite. Fortunately, at Olde Mistick Village you’re in luck. Whether it’s pizza you’re craving or a nice juicy steak, there’s a restaurant choice to satisfy your taste buds. Mango’s Wood-Fired Pizza and Steak Loft of Mystic fit the bill nicely. Need a little pick-me-up of caffeine with your meal? No problem. Vault Coffee Roasters is the place for you. Even Seafood is represented well at Go Fish, a nice little spot with a wine bar that features cooked seafood as well as raw, fresh sushi.


After shopping and eating, you’re ready to take in a movie. But, not just any movie. We’re talking independent cinema and art house flicks that may or may not have had widespread releases, or that you wouldn’t necessarily find at your average chain movie theater. That’s where Olde Village Mistick’s Art Cinemas & Performing Arts Center comes into play. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the film inside this local community gem.

Live Music

Is live music more to your liking? There’s more than a few musicians who play for folks all summer long. Check out the list of performers and dates and you’ll understand why there’s always something fun going on in Olde Mistick Village.

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