What Will You See at the Connecticut River Museum?

Connecticut River Museum

In the historic northeast, there are many ways to step back into the past and examine the history that makes the region what it is today. The Connecticut River Museum does just that in a way you’re sure to take with you. So, when you’re planning your next vacation to the Mystic area, be sure to make a stop at the Connecticut River Museum. Here are some of the interesting things you’ll see there!

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The History of the Museum

Established in 1974, the Connecticut River Foundation began as a volunteer-led team devoted to the preservation of the Connecticut River’s history. The 1878 steamboat warehouse was soon purchased to become the focal point and vehicle of the museum’s mission. That is, “to lead in the study, preservation, and celebration of the cultural and natural heritage of the Connecticut River and its valley, deepening understanding of the River’s importance to past generations, the Museum will inspire the stewardship of future generations.” Here, at the Connecticut River Museum, you’ll discover the history and importance of the river like nowhere else.

What You’ll Find at The Connecticut River Museum


Come, see the wonderful collection of paintings depicting the history of industry on the river. Paintings of ships, trade, and the changing landscape are on display, many of which were painted by master-painter, Tom Stevens. An assortment of mediums like watercolors, oil, and oil on glass were used.

Folk Life

The museum features an array of artifacts from the daily life of locals throughout the civilization of the area. You’ll see fishing, trapping, and hunting tools, plus a collection of rare duck decoys used for duck hunting in the area. You’ll also find artifacts related to the fishing industry like boats and other shad fishing tools.

Navigation Collection

In the navigation collection, you’ll find everything from basic navigation artifacts to more advanced navigation tools. Telescopes, sextants, compasses, and more await your discovery at the Connecticut River Museum.

River Industries

The river was an essential path for the transport of goods like timber, agriculture, and even the ivory-cutting trade. In the museum, you’ll find artifacts from these industries, including a double-twist auger invented on-site.


A popular pastime in the area, yachting was a big enough deal to leave an impression on the history of the area. At the museum, you’ll see full yacht models, yachting trophies, blueprints, and an half-model collection by Ernest N. Way, a famous yacht designer.

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