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June 18, 2013

Inn the Country – an innkeeper’s journal

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The Chair   

Two weeks ago, we decided to move some furniture around in the rooms of the 1807 House. It all started with our moving a love-seat that we brought from Virginia into the Orlando room. We thought that room needed a place for a couple to sit together, so we moved in the new love-seat. 

The Orlando Room   

Then we had to figure out where to put the two chairs that were in the Orlando Room. The upstairs loft area seemed like a good place. It made for better seating with the table that was there. Of course, that led to trying to figure out what to do with the chairs that had been in the loft area.

  The Master Suite Loft

  The chairs now in limbo have a green pattern and I thought they would look nice in the Orchard room, which is decorated in green. The room currently hosts a wing-back chair so we needed to move that out and replace it with the loft chairs. As we proceeded to the door with the chair up in hands, both Jim and I pulled the chair by the head… nope, wouldn’t fit through the door. Ok, back up and go the other way. Nope, back up again. We turned the chair around and tried fitting it through the door the other way. Nope, still no luck. Perplexed we put the chair down. We looked at the door, looked at the chair, and looked at each other. “How in the world did this chair get up here?” we asked each other through laughter.

    The Orchard Room

  The legs don’t come off, the chair doesn’t come apart, and so the chair remains in the Orchard Room and our two chairs have found a new home (but that’s another story).

So for all those engineers and like-minded guests out there-we have a puzzle for you.  If you can tell us how to successfully get the chair out of the Orchard room (in one piece), there’s a nice gift in it for you.

P.S.- We have already taken the Orchard door off the hinges and that didn’t work either!

 Jim and Marcie Townsend, Your Innkeepers